Dr. Maria Clark Fleshood

Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Mindful Encounters Relationship Workshops

Being fully present in interpersonal relationships does not just happen, it takes discipline and practice. In her ten-week workshops Dr. Fleshood provides a systematic unfolding of mindfulness practices and communication skills that help participants learn how to effectively listen and respond in relationships in ways that create safety, understanding, and connection.

Mindfulness Groups and Retreats

Mindfulness is coming home to our truest selves.

Dr. Fleshood facilitates an eight-week MBSR Group.  
Participants will learn and practice disciplines that help still their active minds and let go of negative thinking that can control behaviors.  Participants will be introduced to breathing exercises that relax anxiety and worry.  The practice of Mindfulness empowers you to be in the midst of chaos without loosing your greatest self when it surrounds you.

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Dr. Fleshood currently offers “Mindful Encounters” Relationship Workshops and Mindfulness Groups and Retreats.