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"Tweens to Teens: The Parent's Guide to Preparing Girls for Adolescence is a must-read book for all parents who want to understand and support their daughters' journey to finding their identity, strengths and potential.

Inspiring and illuminating, Dr. Fleshood's book teaches parents how to use rituals to gain self-efficacy and self-confidence as they move into adolescence. This book is an invaluable gift for the whole family and or the culture at large."

~ Jette Simon, Clinical Psychologist (DK degree)


  • Create events, rituals and celebrations that build an inner strength out of which their daughter can successfully navigate the external pressures they are about to face.    
  • Communication skills that keep their daughter connected while also giving them space to explore and develop her independence.    
  • Educates clients regarding the psychological, biological, and spiritual changes that occur during these years and how parents can work with the changes rather than feel overwhelmed or confused by them.    
  • Helping parents to explore and understand their childhood experience, parents become more aware of how those experiences profoundly influences how they parent these pre-teen years.
  • Teach parents how to maintain emotional equilibrium, and flexibility in the midst of often chaotic emotional shifts that, if not met with mindfulness and stability, can cause pain, disconnect and misunderstandings.     
  • Teaches parents how to maintain boundaries, and family values while also offering     
  • Parents and daughters who have implemented this clinical process report to have less stress, less conflict, and greater success in navigating the tensions that this stage of development evokes.

Dr. Maria Clark Fleshood

Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Parents and Girls (8-13)

Dr. Fleshood offers a clinical process that help prepare girls and parents as they transition from the tween to teen years. ​This clinical approach teaches parents how to communicate with their daughters in ways that provide stability, love, and affirmation, despite the inevitable tensions the will stir during this developmental transition. Rather than just “getting through” these years Dr. Fleshood teaches parents how they can help their daughter thrive, secure her autonomy, build a positive self-image, and stay connected to her true nature as she steps into adolescence.