Dr. Maria Clark Fleshood

Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Dr. Fleshood currently specializes in and Concentrated-Clinical Sessions and Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples.

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Concentrated-Clinical Sessions

Dr. Fleshood offers concentrated therapy sessions for clients who travel from out of town or who wish to concentrate their work for longer periods of time. These sessions can be scheduled during the week or weekends. These focused hours of therapy allow individual, families, and couples to work on their relationship for a half, full or two consecutive days. This has proven to be very helpful to clients who travel from out of town, have time constraints, or who feel their relationship is in crisis. Couples who have chosen this format report satisfaction with both their financial and time investment. 

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Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples

Dr. Fleshood specializes in relationship therapy and has worked with couples for seventeen years. Maria guides couples to understand why the very quality that attracted them to each other will often evoke power struggles and conflict that never seem to get resolved. Rather than remaining in these endless cycles that result in pain and unmet needs, Dr. Fleshood helps couples get to the root cause of their tension and disconnect.

"Often couples have conflict around the same issue. It shows up in various flavors, but the core issue always remains the same. Until a couple identifies, and learns how to communicate understanding and empathy to the root of where this tension stirs, the couple will continue to repeat old patterns that will never allow them to create the love and connection they deserve." - Dr. Fleshood