Dr. Maria Clark Fleshood

Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

"Tweens to Teens: The Parent's Guide to Preparing Girls for Adolescence is a must-read book for all parents who want to understand and support their daughters' journey to finding their identity, strengths and potential.

Inspiring and illuminating, Dr. Fleshood's book teaches parents how to use rituals to gain self-efficacy and self-confidence as they move into adolescence. This book is an invaluable gift for the whole family and or the culture at large."

~ Jette Simon, Clinical Psychologist (DK degree)

Take the First Step.

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In this groundbreaking guide, psychotherapist and educator Maria Clark Fleshood encourages parents to revive global traditions to mark preadolescence (ages 8 to 13) with rituals and celebrations that guide young women through these years of self­-discovery. Dr. Fleshood provides a tested, six­-step approach to engage, guide, and prepare preteens for the challenges and changes of a new developmental stage. From Tweens to Teens offers parents tools that help them build tweens’ self­-esteem from the inside out.

The Book

From Tweens to Teens: The Parents' Guide to Preparing Girls for Adolescence

All parents want their daughters to become confident, happy, self-­sufficient women, but the turbulent years of early adolescence can be difficult to navigate. From Tweens to Teens invites parents to rethink how they prepare their daughters to face these difficult developmental years.